Stand with Missouri Women Rally

Join a coalition of women’s health advocates for a rally to Stand with Missouri Women on September 10th. Buses will be leaving from Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Joseph, St. Louis, and Weldon Springs.

And if you can’t join us for the rally, you can still help by donating to help offset the cost of transportation to the capitol.

LTEInaction by the Legislature’s Leadership has already cost us one year of federally funded coverage under the Affordable Care Act. However, if Missouri’s Medicaid Program were extended in the next session, it will still be at no cost to the state of Missouri for the next two years, and minimal cost after that.

Write a letter to the editor in support of Medicaid Expansion in Missouri today!

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Planned Parenthood can help you understand what the new law means for you, what to look for in a health insurance plan, and how to enroll.



Time and again we hear from legislators, “My constituents just don’t care about reproductive health issues.” But we know they are misinformed. Thousands of Missourians across our state care deeply about reproductive health issues – from access to affordable birth control and medically accurate sex education to life-saving cancer screenings and safe, legal abortion.

Make your voice heard! Tell us why reproductive health is important to you and your family.