Legislative Monitor                2014 Bill Summary

PPMO House & Senate Vote Charts

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Planned Parenthood Action


Patient Protection at Pharmacies Fact Sheet Prevention First Act Fact Sheet Regulation of Pregnancy Resource Centers Fact Sheet
Comprehensive Sex Education Fact Sheet Loss of Custody Rights Fact Sheet Discrimination Against Women Seeking Services at Family Planning Centers Fact Sheet
PRC tax credit button Denial of Care fact sheet button 2014 Extended Waiting Period
Teen Endangerment - Two Parent Notice Fact Sheet Teen Endangerment – Parental Rights Fact Additional Title X Reporting Requirements Fact Sheet
Medical Emergency Restrictions & Mandating Inspections Fact Sheet Pregnancy Resource Center Fact Sheet Mandated Video to Shame Women Who Seek Abortion Care Services Fact Sheet
Forced Review of Mandatory Ultrasound Fact Sheet Ban on Abortion Fact Sheet Unnecessary Teen Consent Procedures Fact Sheet
Unnecessary Redundant Restrictions on Abortion Extreme, Burdensome Mandatory Informed Consent for Women Seeking Information About Abortion Outside Missouri Discrimination Against Women and Denial of Care
Target Regulation of Abortion Providers: Duplicate Inspection Mandate Fact Sheet Partner Consent - Danger to Women in Abusive Relationships Fact Sheet Forced Ultrasound & Extended Mandatory Delay Fact Sheet