Tell Governor Nixon to support sex education

Missouri Capitol

Advancing on sex education and stopping this year’s 25 anti-women’s health bills is directly due to Planned Parenthood Advocates supporters from across the state who have done the following since January:

  • Sent over 7,000 email messages to legislators
  • Delivered over 20,000 letters urging legislative leaders to expand Medicaid
  • Participated in 14 lobby days with over 60 meetings with legislators
  • Testified in many hearings for sex education and against anti-women’s health legislation

And we can do more – make your voice heard by Governor Nixon by urging him to sign the Internet Safety Sex Ed bill HB501!

frustrated patient2015 Bill Summary

We’re more than half way through the 2015 legislative session in Missouri and we’ve seen dozens of anti-women’s health bills filed.

Read our latest 2015 bill summary.

Woman on LaptopShare Your Story

Time and again we hear from legislators, “My constituents just don’t care about reproductive health issues.” But we know they are misinformed. Thousands of Missourians across our state care deeply about reproductive health issues – from access to affordable birth control and medically accurate sex education to life-saving cancer screenings and safe, legal abortion.