Shame on Sen. SchaeferShame on Sen. Schaefer

We’ve had enough of Sen. Schaefer’s schemes to punish Missourians, invade privacy, and attack our rights.

When Kurt Schaefer ran for Senate, he described himself as a moderate who wouldn’t play politics. Now he’s attacking Missourians’ access to health care to score political points with extremists.

Sen. Schaefer has:

  • Pushed legislation that would take vital health care services like birth control and annual exams away from thousands of Missourians.
  • Cut access to safe, legal abortion care in Mid-Missouri.
  • Tried to force Planned Parenthood to turn over private patient information, violating federal law.

Tell Sen. Schaefer: Enough is enough.

Missouri State Capitol2016 Bill Summary

The 2016 Missouri legislative session has just begun and we’ve already seen numerous anti-women’s health bills filed.

Read our full 2016 bill summary.

Support Comprehensive Sex Education

Support comprehensive sex education in Missouri

In 2015, Missouri took a small step forward in advancing the sex education curriculum, but we can and must do more!

To give you an idea of how desperately we need comprehensive sex education in Missouri, just think about this:

  • In a recent national report, 3 Missouri counties (of over 3,000 nationwide), had the highest infection rates for gonorrhea and chlamydia
  • Missouri has the 14th highest infection rate for gonorrhea

The bottom line is that even with this new law, Missouri young people can be subjected to ineffective and dangerous abstinence-only sex education in our public schools. That is NOT OK.

Will you join us in standing with young Missourians in support of comprehensive sex education in Missouri?

Join us for 2016 Lobby Days

Our lobby days in Jefferson City are crucial to let our legislators know that we have a strong voice in their communities. In the last two legislative sessions, Missouri politicians proposed 57 bills intended to cut people off from the reproductive health care they need. The number of dangerous, insulting bills filed in the 2016 session is steadily climbing. It’s unacceptable and that’s why we need you to take action with us!