Repeal TRAP Laws Now!

Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers (TRAP laws) like the ones that the Supreme Court just struck down in Texas have nothing to do with protecting women’s health and everything to do with stopping women from accessing abortion.

It’s time to stop pushing these harmful restrictions and repeal existing TRAP laws now.

Shame on Sen. SchaeferShame on Sen. Schaefer

We’ve had enough of Sen. Schaefer’s schemes to punish Missourians, invade privacy, and attack our rights.

When Kurt Schaefer ran for Senate, he described himself as a moderate who wouldn’t play politics. Now he’s attacking Missourians’ access to health care to score political points with extremists.

Sen. Schaefer has:

  • Pushed legislation that would take vital health care services like birth control and annual exams away from thousands of Missourians.
  • Cut access to safe, legal abortion care in Mid-Missouri.
  • Tried to force Planned Parenthood to turn over private patient information, violating federal law.

Tell Sen. Schaefer: Enough is enough.

During the 2016 legislative session, hundreds of Missourians met with and called legislators, thousands sent petitions and emails, and hundreds of thousands were engaged on social media.Β As a result, none of the nearly 30 bills restricting access to reproductive health passed.

Thank you for your hard work and support.

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