Monday Monitor: February 9, 2015

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Video Shaming Bill Approved by House Committee

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Children and Families voted to approve HB 124, sponsored by Rep. Black (R-117) Desloge. If passed, this bill would require the Department of Health and Senior Services to create a video that includes the medically inaccurate and politically charged information that is already given to women seeking abortion services in the state. This bill would force this inaccurate information to be repeated 3 times; in person, in writing and in the forced viewing of a video.

Supporting Women’s Health Leads to Child Pornography?

While speaking at a conservative political conference, Missouri Gubernatorial hopeful and former speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives Catherine Hanaway suggested that allowing access to safe and legal abortion services, and other forms of “sexual permissiveness” will lead to societal acceptance of child pornography. What?

Medicaid Expansion

On January 31st, advocates from around the state banded together to engage others in their communities to support the expansion of Missouri’s Medicaid program. If Missouri were to expand Medicaid as outlined in the Affordable Care Act, over 260,000 hardworking Missourian’s would be eligible for health insurance coverage, the state would save millions of dollars in hospital funding, and thousands of new jobs would be generated.

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