Monday Monitor: February 23, 2015

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Rapid Movement for Anti-Women’s Health Bill

Contrary to what was said before this year’s legislative session started, Missouri lawmakers have devoted a lot of time to advancing anti-women’s health legislation. Over 20 anti-women’s health bills have been filed so far this year. Late last week, HB 190, Swan (R-147) was added to the House Calendar and could come to a vote on the House floor at any time. This bill targets abortion providers and would require annual inspections only for those providers.

Jefferson City Welcomes New Planned Parenthood Leader

On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri’s new CEO, Mary Kogut visited Jefferson City for a full day at the capitol. The day started with a wonderful introduction on the House Floor by Rep. McCreery (D-88). The day ended on an amazing high note with a reception with over 20 State Representatives, one Senator, allies in the Capitol, and supporters from Jefferson City. After remarks from Mary, several legislators expressed thanks for Planned Parenthood’s services and Planned Parenthood Advocate’s work in the Capitol.

Medicaid Expansion

Call your Senator today at 800-980-4407

Last week, a letter signed by over 1,000 organizations in support of Medicaid expansion was delivered to the Missouri General Assembly. As the year progresses, public support for Medicaid expansion in Missouri continues to increase, as well as the number of ways that citizens can make their voices heard. If Missouri were to expand Medicaid as outlined in the Affordable Care Act, over 260,000 hardworking Missourian’s would be eligible for health insurance coverage, the state would save millions of dollars in hospital funding, and thousands of new jobs would be generated.

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