Monday Monitor: March 2, 2015

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More Movement for Anti-Women’s Health Bill

On Wednesday, the House passed an anti-women’s health bill that singles out the only clinic in Missouri that provides abortion services. HB 190, Swan (R-147) requires Ambulatory Surgical Centers be inspected annually – only if they provide abortion. Before House leadership cut off debate after less than an hour, Kansas City Representative, Lauren Arthur (D-18) was able to speak the truth about the bill saying, “It’s a veiled attempt to over-regulate abortion out of existence.”  We could not agree more.

Sex Education

Bills have been filed in both the House (HB 670) and Senate (SB 418) this year that would once again allow trained sex education professionals to be invited into public schools and would require voluntary sex education courses to include information on both abstinence and the benefits of contraception. Medically accurate, age-appropriate education that includes information about both abstinence and contraception has been found to be effective in delaying the onset of sexual intercourse, reducing the number of sexual partners, and increasing contraception and condom use among teens (SIECUS). Planned Parenthood affiliates in Missouri provide award-winning sex education programs to thousands of Missouri parents, teens and caregivers each year.

Providers Make the Case for Medicaid Expansion Under the Dome

Providers Lobby for Medicaid Expansion

Over 150 people, including 50 health care providers, were at the Capitol to talk to legislators about the consequences they see every day as a result of legislative inaction on Medicaid expansion.  15 teams of volunteers met with 60 legislators and not only shared stories but also demanded that legislators do their job and have a debate on one of the most important issues facing Missouri.  The group ended the day with a press conference

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