Monday Monitor: March 30, 2015

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Missouri Legislative Alert

SB 302 which would require abortion and family planning providers to share Missouri’s misinformed consent materials with women considering accessing abortion in another state, is on the Missouri Senate calendar and could come up for debate at any time. Follow @PPMO_Advocates on Twitter for updates.

Federal Politicians Play “Hyde and Sneak”

The Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of tax dollars for abortion services, has unfortunately reared its head in different corners of Congress recently. Primarily impacting low-income women and women of color, this highly restrictive measure comes up for renewal annually; however, politically motivated legislators are now actively implementing the strategy of “Hyde and Sneak” in which they craftily slip Hyde language into unrelated bills.

Two currently active cases of this bill-tainting strategy are the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and the bill known as S. 178 that primarily aims to help victims of human trafficking, both of which apply the Hyde Amendment’s language in a dangerously more permanent and more comprehensive way. In essence, these moves exemplify conservative legislators’ attempt to broaden the scope and duration of the Hyde Amendment, sacrificing women’s access to health care to further their own political goals.

In Landmark Decision, Supreme Court Stands With Pregnant Women

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled on Young v. United Parcel Service (UPS) in favor of Peggy Young, who claimed the company’s decision to place her on unpaid leave due to her pregnancy was discriminatory. She argued that the UPS’s history of offering workers with on-the-job injuries or disabilities included in the American with Disabilities Act the option of “light duty” rather than unpaid leave as she received reflects a discriminatory policy against pregnant women. The Supreme Court’s decision gives Young another chance to carry out the lawsuit in a lower court, where she originally lost the case before appealing the decision.

In-District Actions Keep Medicaid Expansion at the Forefront

Following the March 19th action in Jefferson City in which activists from all over the state of Missouri called for the Legislature to have the debate on Medicaid expansion, legislators left for Spring Break in their home districts. A series of well-orchestrated in-district actions over the past week has kept the constituents’ demand for a debate on Medicaid Expansion at the forefront of resistant legislators’ minds, both in their communities and in the media.

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