Monday Monitor: April 13, 2015

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In Close Vote, Springfield Repeals Protections for LGBT People

On Tuesday, April 7th, a recently passed non-discrimination ordinance was repealed by a slim margin in Springfield. This ordinance recognized the diversity of the Springfield community and  added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Though these protections were repealed, the months long voter education and awareness campaign that took place before the vote has brought the community together to fight against discrimination.

Sex Education Bill Moves to the Senate

On Tuesday, we saw good news from Jefferson City when Rep. Genise Montecillo’s (D-92) pro-women’s health bill was passed by the House. HB 501 would expand the current sex education curriculum to include information about sexual predators, online predators, and the consequences of inappropriate text messaging. The bill is now in the Senate and a public hearing is scheduled for April 14th at 8:30am in the Senate Committee on Seniors, Families, & Children.

Kansas Bans Abortion Procedure, Missouri Could be Next

Last week, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law an atrocious bill attacking the safest method of second trimester abortion, compromising women’s health and lives. A similar bill was introduced in Missouri this year that substitutes the will of a small group of extremist politicians who want to ban all abortion in the state for the expertise of doctors who need to be able to treat each of their patients individually and according to the most stringent medical standards. We must stop the Missouri legislature from taking the lead from Kansas and putting politics over people.

Anti-women’s Health House Bill being Heard Tonight

Tonight, the House Committee on Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness will hear Rep. Taylor’s (R-139) anti-women’s health bill (HB 1284) that would criminalize pregnant women. Laws that punish pregnant women or open them up to government investigation will have the exact opposite of the desired effect because they will deter women from entering the healthcare system and getting the care they need.

The hearing is set to take place tonight upon adjournment of the House, which should be about 5 pm. Progress Missouri will be livestreaming the hearing and you can follow along at home by going to their livestream.

P.S. It is your support that drives us to fight for reproductive rights and allows us to provide vital health services to those in our community. Help be there for women, men, and teens in our community by making a tax-deductible donation. DONATE


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