Monthly Monitor: August 2015

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I Stand With Planned Parenthood in Missouri

In light of recent attacks on Planned Parenthood, the I Stand with Planned Parenthood Campaign has gained significant ground across the nation and in Missouri. On July 28, August 18, and August 22, health centers hosted visibility events across the state. On August 22, 200 supporters stood clad in pink t-shirts in Columbia, Joplin, Kansas City, and Springfield to show their support for Planned Parenthood. Advocates participated in chants and held “Health Care Happens Here” banners. The energy and support was truly fantastic. Want to get involved next time? Please see below for the contact person in your area and let them know you want to Stand with Planned Parenthood.

Kansas City: Erin Heger,
Columbia/Mid-MO: Chrissie Fouts,
St. Louis Region: Alaina Smith,
Springfield/Joplin: Sophie Slater,

Visibility in Springfield Visibility in Columbia
Visibility Kansas City Greeters in St. Louis

Please see below for other ways to Stand with Planned Parenthood!

  1. Join the Fight –> Go to and add your name to the millions who proudly stand with PP. Also, read and watch videos of real women telling their PP stories.
  2. Text “Stand with PP” to 69866 to join our Planned Parenthood Mobile Action Network. You can text STOP to quit anytime. Data and standard message rates apply.
  3. Tell Them Thank You: Every day, no matter what, Planned Parenthood doctors, nurses, and other staff are out there giving compassionate care to the patients who rely on it. Let’s send a big THANK YOU to all the staff on the front lines of the fight for reproductive health and rights.

Political Grandstanding in Missouri: Updates on Planned Parenthood “Investigations”

In recent weeks, state legislative interim committee meetings have been initiated in response to secretly recorded and heavily edited videos filled with false accusations against Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood follows all laws and has the highest medical and ethical standards. Public records demonstrate this. The plain fact that the affiliates in Missouri are not participating in tissue donation programs underscores that these state legislative committee meetings are about political grandstanding, not facts. This is yet another orchestrated attempt to restrict access to safe, legal abortion in Missouri and to the needed services Planned Parenthood has provided for nearly 100 years.

We are proud to support women and families making their own health care decisions and we are proud to be there for them by providing the full range of high quality reproductive services. Planned Parenthood will always fight to ensure that these services are legal and available.

Why We Need Title X

MO_GuttmacherTitleX.pngTitle X offers preventive health care services to those most in need. Ninety percent of Title X patients have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and 63 percent are uninsured.

Anti family-planning politicians in Congress are trying to cut funding for this critical program. If Congress succeeds in cutting Title X, it would have a devastating impact on women — especially women in rural communities and low-income women who rely on Planned Parenthood and other safety-net providers for affordable birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other essential care that Planned Parenthood health centers provide every day.

P.S. It is your support that drives us to fight for reproductive
rights and allows us to provide vital health services to those in our
community. Help be there for women, men, and teens in our community by making a
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