Monthly Monitor: November 2015

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Mid-Missouri May Soon Lose Abortion Services

Fix It Foley!In a matter of days, mid-Missourians may lose access to abortion services when the University of Missouri ends the privileges that were granted to Planned Parenthood’s doctor. The privileges are set to end on December 1st, and this is happening because of political pressure from Senator Kurt Schaefer’s Sanctity of Life committee and others.

With the unprecedented changes brought about by a multitude of issues, spearheaded by Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, the new leaders at University of Missouri System and Mizzou have the opportunity to put access to education and health care before politics and reverse the damaging decisions of their predecessors. Read more and take action now.

Supreme Court To Review Texas Abortion Restriction Case

At issue in this case are two provisions of a 2013 law that threaten to severely restrict access to safe, legal abortion across Texas. These restrictions have already shut down health centers across Texas. At stake in this case is a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion. If the Court upholds this law, it could create a world where even though abortion is legal, it is completely out of reach for many women. A woman’s right to make personal medical decisions about abortion shouldn’t depend on where she lives.

New Study Sheds Light on Self-Induced Abortion Attempts in Texas

At least 100,000 women ages 18-49 have attempted to perform an abortion on their own without medical assistance, according to a recent study conducted by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project out of the University of Texas. The study, conducted in response to Texas’ increasingly strict abortion measures, estimates that at least 1.7 percent of the state’s population of reproductive age had attempted to self abort. At most, 4.1 percent had attempted an at-home abortion. Women who indicated they had self-induced cited reasons such as difficulty accessing a clinic, lack of funds to travel and abortion stigma.

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