Monday Monitor – Tuesday Edition: January 19, 2016

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This week’s Monday Monitor is a special Tuesday edition, as yesterday we commemorated and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy. Yesterday, today, and every day, Planned Parenthood strives to honor Dr. King’s legacy by providing health care to all people, regardless of race, class, country of origin, or gender—and by standing with our partners to fight for social justice and equity in all its forms.

Rep. Moon’s “All Lives Matter” Bill is Offensive, Extreme, and Terrible Policy

Rep. Mike Moon’s HB 1794, the “All Lives Matter Act,” has garnered national attention, prompting harsh criticism. The measure is problematic on two fronts – co-opting the #BlackLivesMatter movement in an effort to undermine the rights of women facing decisions about pregnancy and completely banning abortion in contravention of the U.S. Constitution.

The legislation would define life as beginning at conception, granting full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs. Such “personhood” measures interfere with personal, private, medical decisions relating to decisions about birth control, access to fertility treatment, management of a miscarriage, and access to safe and legal abortion. Similar measures have been defeated in Mississippi, Colorado, and North Dakota.

The #BlackLivesMatter Movement, which has been largely lead by young women of color, is a rallying cry for people of color demanding and asserting bodily autonomy for themselves and their children. Black women in particular have long been subjected to state violence and control within the reproductive realm.

Planned Parenthood Sues Anti-Abortion Extremists Responsible for Video Smear Campaign

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is suing the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the anti-abortion extremists behind a months-long smear campaign based on secretly recorded and deceptively edited videos. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, charges that anti-abortion extremists engaged in an elaborate, illegal conspiracy to falsely accuse Planned Parenthood of improper activity in an effort to block women’s access to safe and legal abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri President and CEO Laura McQuade said, “This was a complex criminal enterprise which was designed to defraud Planned Parenthood and deny millions of women and men across the country the critical health care services that Planned Parenthood provides and it’s resulted in a number of challenges for Planned Parenthoods across the country in the ensuing months.”

Hearing Recap: Omnibus Abortion Restriction Bill

A bill restricting access to safe and legal abortion was heard last Tuesday in the Senate Committee on Seniors, Families, and Children. Senate Bill 644, sponsored by Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake St. Louis), contains multiple measures curtailing abortion access under the guise of patient safety, including increasing a medically unnecessary mandate relating to privileges needed at a nearby hospital. The measure would also prohibit patients who’ve had an abortion from donating the fetal tissue for medical research.

Senator Onder introduced the bill and cited the Center for Medical Progress’ heavily edited and widely discredited videos as reason for his legislation, despite the fact that neither Planned Parenthood affiliate has a fetal tissue donation program. Furthermore, the Missouri Attorney General conducted an investigation and found that Planned Parenthood has complied with all applicable laws and regulations.

Kansas Gov. Brownback Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback announced last week that he will remove Planned Parenthood from the list of eligible health care providers in the Kansas Medicaid program. The move would deny the nearly 400,000 disabled and low-income Kansans who receive Medicaid coverage the option to choose Planned Parenthood for their health care. Planned Parenthood receives about $52,000 per year in Medicaid reimbursements for health exams, cancer screenings, and birth control services.

“We refuse to serve as the governor’s scapegoat while Kansas faces serious funding challenges in light of his weak and ineffectual fiscal policies,” Laura McQuade, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said.

2016 Planned Parenthood Lobby Days

The 2016 Missouri legislative session is off and running! Anti-reproductive health lawmakers have already filed more than a dozen measures to restrict access to safe and legal abortion. On the bright side, several legislators have introduced bills that would positively impact reproductive health, including comprehensive and medically accurate sex education, and teen dating violence prevention education. Our Planned Parenthood lobbyist is walking the halls every day, but there’s nothing like having our supporters together in the Capitol. Mark your calendars now and register to join us in Jefferson City for our lobby days!

  • Wednesday, January 27 – Sex Ed Lobby Day
  • Tuesday, February 23
  • Wednesday, March 30
  • Tuesday, April 12 – Women’s Equality Lobby Day
  • Thursday, May 5, 2015

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