Monday Monitor: March 21, 2016

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Clinton Wins Missouri Primary Election

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won a narrow victory over Sen. Bernie Sanders in Missouri’s Democratic primary election last Tuesday. Clinton won 49.6 percent of the vote compared to Sanders’ 49.4 percent. Though the vote was close enough to trigger a recount, Sen. Sanders did not request one because it would not impact the number of delegates awarded to each candidate.

Take Action Against Another Dangerous Anti-Reproductive Health Bill

Extremist legislators have put forth another targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) bill, a measure that masquerades as health and safety protections but whose real purpose is to make it more difficult to access safe and legal abortion. House Bill 2069 is a combination of five bills, all based off of a fraudulent video smear campaign whose leaders are now under indictment.

This bill has no medical or scientific basis. Medical experts do not support a ban on fetal tissue donation programs or imposing medically unnecessary hurdles on providers and patients, such as hospital privileges and duplicative inspection mandates. HB 2069 singles out abortion providers for unnecessary mandates that do nothing to protect women’s health. It restricts abortion access under the guise of legitimate regulation.

Stand Up For Reproductive Health Lobby Day

Join reproductive health and rights organizations from across Missouri next Wednesday, March 30 for Stand Up For Reproductive Health Lobby Day! Legislators are at it again, pushing dangerous bills to restrict access to safe and legal abortion. Make your voice heard in Jefferson City and tell your legislators: Enough is enough!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’ve never been to the Capitol, our organizers will prepare you to speak directly to lawmakers in a supportive team environment. Carpools are available from the Kansas City area, the St. Louis area, Springfield, and Columbia. Following March 30, two additional lobby days remain: Tuesday, April 12; and Thursday, May 5. Mark your calendars and sign up below!

President Obama Makes Supreme Court Nomination

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland last week to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Garland, 63, currently serves as the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. It is uncertain whether the Senate will give him a hearing, let alone a confirmation vote. Since hours after Scalia’s death, Republican senators have repeatedly vowed to block a new justice, many refusing to even meet with a nominee. Such obstruction is unprecedented; every nominee since 1875 has been given a hearing and an up-or-down vote.

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