Speak Out Against Defunding Planned Parenthood!

Earlier this year, the Missouri Legislature passed a budget that rejects $8 million in federal family planning dollars in an effort to keep Planned Parenthood from receiving any of those funds to provide preventive health care services like annual exams, birth control, and services to diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Now that the anti-Planned Parenthood legislation passed, Gov. Nixon has decided he has no choice but to suspend the federally funded Women’s Health Services Program and spend state funds for a similar program, which excludes Planned Parenthood. Before suspending the program, the state must allow the public 30 days to comment on their plan.

We need supporters – like you – to tell Gov. Nixon and the Department of Social Services that Missourians deserve access to quality health care and should be able to access medical care from trusted providers, like Planned Parenthood. Missourians who need access to care should not be caught in the political crosshairs.

The public comment period closes on July 31, so please act today!

Missourians should not be punished for the political games of Sen. Schaefer and other extremist legislators in the Capitol. The Department of Social Services should not suspend the Women’s Health Services Program or exclude Planned Parenthood from the newly established state-funded program until every patient can be guaranteed at least the same level of health care they receive under the Women’s Health Services Program.

This means:

  • Having the systems in place so that people currently enrolled in the Women’s Health Services Program are automatically transferred to the new state-funded program. No one should have to re-apply for a new program or wait for a new insurance card to come in the mail before they can access care.
  • Guaranteeing that the state-funded program will provide at least the same benefits and services currently provided through the Women’s Health Services Program, including free annual exams, life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, and STI services.
  • Making sure enough licensed and trained women’s health care providers participate in the new state-funded program so that patients are able to access timely and quality care from providers who they trust.
  • Providing people enrolled in the new state-funded program a provider directory with accurate contact information so that they can make appointments and receive critical health services without delay.

Speak up for Missourians’ access to compassionate, quality health care from the expert providers at Planned Parenthood!


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