Urge your representative to stand up for reproductive health!

A dangerous anti-women’s health bill is moving quickly in the Missouri Legislature. House Bill 2069 is packed with dangerous restrictions that make abortion more difficult—if not impossible—to access in Missouri. And it could be debated in the House soon.

Urge your representative to stand up for reproductive health and stop HB 2069!


Urge your senator to vote against SB 802!

The Missouri Senate is about to debate Senate Bill 802, which would ban abortions based on prenatal testing that shows a Down syndrome diagnosis. This inflammatory and dangerous bill does nothing to support people with disabilities and their families. Instead, the bill jeopardizes the doctor/patient relationship by requiring doctors to become investigators of a patient’s motives for seeking a medical procedure.

With the bill available for debate and vote at any time, your action TODAY will make a big difference.


Your state senator needs to hear from you today!

A terrible anti-women’s health bill is set for debate this week. SB 644 is a targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) bill full of medically unnecessary mandates that will make it more difficult to access safe and legal abortion.

Tell your senator to oppose SB 644 and stop playing games with reproductive health.

Support Comprehensive Sex Education

Support comprehensive sex education in Missouri

In 2015, Missouri took a small step forward in advancing the sex education curriculum, but we can and must do more!

The bottom line is that even with this new law, Missouri young people can be subjected to ineffective and dangerous abstinence-only sex education in our public schools. That is NOT OK.




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